Thursday, July 13, 2023

New Content Schedule!

               As you know by the rumours there is a 2nd ChrisBOnTheWeb channel called CBOTW Live which is right now coming soon as I cannot verify the Live Feature yet and I will continue to try the rest of this summer and year and hopefully get it up and running but for right now here is the content schedule for the current moment:

Sundays: Entertainment Man Podcast, YouTube/Video & Audio ONLY, 1 pm EDT

Mondays - Fridays: Daily Blog

Tuesdays: The CBOTW Show- Full House Recaps, 1 pm EST (Starting at the end of the month of July on the 25th)

Thursdays: Entertainment Man Podcast, Audio ONLY, 1 pm EDT

Saturdays: Bonus Blog Post, 11 am EDT

                    Facebook Live Stream, 1 pm EDT

          That is the schedule for the content, it isn't much really but when I open up the CBOTW Live I will be planning to stream to YouTube and sometimes Facebook. I will talk to you all tomorrow to explain what CBOTW Live will entail, etc.


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