Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Gaming Updates! [03-16-2022]

                 I have been playing a bit with the video games and can give you guys a bit of an update. Three game updates I have, Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Luck of The Landlord:

Minecraft: The 3 main houses have vines and to be honest I may have said that before LOL. I do not remember the last time I did an update and been a while maybe before the New Year at the most. I can say the Office building is for the most part done! I probably will get back to adding more levels eventually but right now it is a 7 level office building and it may be the biggest building in Minecraft history but I'd have to check that out. Also out front is a small village that I am currently building and it is made from entirely from wood and the plan is to build a monster city eventually of houses and what not and not everything will have villagers some will and I'm sure it will be wide spread I'm sure.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I have beaten with Azeal in Greed Mode which is really, really hard and something that I thought I'd never do in my entire life. I have actually unlocked Lillth which has a floating item that shoots out tears and that is the only thing that shoots out tears so it is quite a tough challenge but still working on it.

Luck Be The Landlord: I have gone pretty far about 7 or 8 out of 12 at the most and I am going to actually beat this first level as there are a ton of levels I can do after this and excited to when this actually happens. I seem to be playing this more and more lately.

               That is my blog post for today with video games update and I will be sure to do another update when I get another update on video games as I rarely get to play games as I am always working on content and need to take time for myself and play video games. Fornite is a game I need to get back into that eventually. I will talk to you all tomorrow.



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Chris said...

@Robert John No problem, thank you for reading the post.