Thursday, May 21, 2020

I Lost 5 Sims Back To Back... SMH

                  Few weeks ago I lost 5 sims. That's a lot especially for playing a game of Big Brother. Apparently the game glitched out and 5 of the sims above died back to back which was insane and I wish I had my reaction to that on camera honestly. It was the most ridiculous thing ever. By the end of all of that 2 remained and wasn't right as we had no jury really left to vote and wouldn't have been fair. So I ended up ending the season and the final 2 left. I had to investigate the house to why this happened. The stairs going up and down the two levels were apparently disappeared and that became the issue behind it all. Now I believe I shifted rooms and fixed up the house where the stairs are in plain site. There was a couple of issues with the landing anyways aka the upstairs. IF you were upstairs and looked down then you can see behind one of the walls so that had to be fixed so I readjusted rooms and tore walls down but the stairs should be OK and shouldn't glitch out and disappear on me but haven't been back to the big building I built. We have vacated the premises for now.

                 Trust me I was freaking the heck out over it and was quite an interesting experience to watch one sim after another collapse. It is what it is honestly and it really stunk things had to end up this way but never know I may end up going back to the building I may just tear it down and Larry and I worked really hard on this world too and it stinks but it is what it is in the end. Building still exists and stays empty and dark at this point of time. I just do not know if it will be used anytime soon as of the recent turn of events. Yes I realize its a game but it ticked me off the fact that the game took away my bloody stairs and it's the game's fault... This game has been riddled with glitches for years like the sims won't teleport as quickly. However I am getting into a rant and I just do not have the energy anymore to rant and I know you guys like them from time to time it boosts ratings... LOL. Anyways I will see you in my next post tomorrow.


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