Monday, February 8, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Update [02-08-2021]

 Another week has passed by and there has been a ton of stuff going on and one you can see exactly with the image at the left side. I want to start with The CBOTW Shows you can see there are a ton of shows that have been added and 2 shows I wanna highlighted is the addition of Big Brother Australia and Australian Survivor with our Host, Chris who lives in Australia. It is indeed very exciting. Yes Power Rangers is on the list along with Survivor US, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Big Brother & Big Brother Canada. We've got it all on our list and our network is getting very hectic and hectic is good. We still gotta find a host for Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada but that will be when we get closer to a new season but right now it is on Hiatus. As you know Power Rangers Podcast has been put on Hiatus and sent to the side for the time being as Chris feels like he has to get the podcast network rolling a bit more. He is working on intros right now is an priority at this moment.

                      So much has been happening with our network and we're busy around the clock and we or Chris hopes to start working on Dino Thunder this week and get back into a schedule so we can get back on the right track for things. Now with the website went back to the original menu bar and we've tweaked it time and time again and as you see the image above there is "The CBOTW Show" "Podcast Network" which hosts which platforms we're live and pre-recorded during the week. Finally we also have Other Podcasts for Audio ONLY and also the Archives for former Podcasts. This is the updates for the week and enjoy your week and I will be back next Monday for another post. 

Charlotte, Site Admin

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