Thursday, February 11, 2021

Made The Sims 4 Big Brother House Quite Difficult!

               As most of you all know, I have been making the Big Brother House on The Sims 4 for nearly the past year now and have done 8 season in total at this point and the 8th just wrapped up yesterday morning as a new Winner has been crowned which was Justin. I made this season not easy for any of the houseguests. I stripped em of everything. As you know the living room normally have a bunch of TV's to communicate with Big Brother but this season it was all done by the ears. Also I stripped of things to do. All I gave em was Chess tables, 3 to be exact to play with. The hot tub was not added this time around nor they had have nots or a storage room this season. This was a season of no secrets really. Also in the main bathroom there was mirrors all over the place in the bathroom. Also there was an old shower style with no doors so no privacy whatsoever. We had so much blasted drama one died in the house during their lockup for the weeks they were locked up. I guess they couldn't deal with the stress of the game anymore and it is totally understandable. It is a very stressful game and she was not in the greatest shape.


            I honestly think they ate a ton and were well out of shape by the end of the game. I can imagine they were bored out of their minds in the house and unable to go outside world on the game. 7 made it out minus the one that died towards the end of the game. Anyways the house now sits gutted like a fish and waits for what is next for the very next season. I plan on expanding the storage room and kitchen eventually and gotta start designing the next house maybe next week I will get into it while I watch Dino Thunder. I had a glitched out item that was food that spoiled in the game but it finally went away I had to delete some things and it went away and it was bugging me for the longest time but so happy it's gone unless it's still there as I do not have any lights set up right now and the house sits in the dark. But that is the most recent season I did and the next season will be a season of technology, TV's will be back, Have Not Room, Storage room will be back as well. I will update you guys next week on the progress of that until tomorrow's post.


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