Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Shining Movie Review

           I can say this, I've been wanting to do the review on this season for quite sometime now since the start of the year but kept putting it off week after week but now here it is the review for this movie. The Shining, I heard so much and looking at clips from the movie Psycho and I stumbled on the scene where Jack Nicolson says: "Heeeere's Johnny!" which if you didn't know that was ab-lib and wasn't suppose to actually be a part of this. I honestly felt confused at the start of the movie but as it went on it all made sense, as the movie progressed, it became all clear that Jack Nicolson's character, Jack Torrance. Ironic they kept his first name technically. Anyways as the movie went on, I noticed he got a little more crazier up to the part I mentioned earlier the "Heeere's Johnny!" scene which now to this very day is an iconic scene from the movie.

            I can imagine how heavy the axe was carrying it upstairs. What I remember he was a writer and was writing a book during the movie. Jack Nicolson is an amazing actor and he fit the role very well in this movie. Was the first movie I saw with him in it. Anyways I loved the movie and it was an really good movie and I'd watch it again in the very nearby future. This movie gets an easy 10 out of 10. This movie easily goes on my top 10 Horror Movies of the 1980's along with Friday The 13th. I highly recommend this movie for you guys to see if you are an horror movie fan and haven't seen this movie yet. Of course you guys more then likely have but just saying if you haven't then watch it, lol. Anyways I am rambling. Next on my list is watching and finishing Friday The 13th which I'd like to review the movie on my list and probably do 3 movies in one post at a time and hopefully I can get it finished. Next week, I will be also reviewing Super Girl Seasons 4 & 5 at some point as well and I will be talking to you guys on tomorrow's post. 


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