Friday, February 26, 2021

Supergirl Season 4 & 5 Review!

            I know I delayed the next two reviews for Supergirl and the reason was I wasn't ready to watch 4 & 5 but since being stuck in Isolation for this long I have had to actually had the time to sit down and watch it. Now in this review I will be getting into the review I am covering both Seasons 4 & 5. First Season 4. It picks back up where you see Supergirl aka Kara already in action. I really found Season 4 much enjoyable and the addition of Nia Nal as another Superheroine part of the fight against evil. I know this was the last season with James in it as he leaves the show entirely and I believe he moves back where Superman is in one of the episodes. Also we see Supergirl in a coma and this guy Ben become a super pain and I admit I did not like him whatsoever during that season. Also the storyline of the Children of Liberty sort of made me feel like this was getting a bit strange. However don't get me wrong, the first half was good but then it got strange for me but that hook drew me in to the end of the season hence I watched the entire season from start to finish and quite quickly mind you. 

            Season 5, this is where things got a bit stranger for me in my perspective. Brainy acting really odd, breaking up with Nia Nal, Bat Woman showing up was a neat mix actually. Lex Luthor being killed off the show then returning?!  Them being in two different types of worlds, I really did not understand and that's OK. Also I feel like the entire story about the VR (Virtual Reality) I did not understand whatsoever till the end of the season which leaves off a positive note they next person they are going after is Lex once again. I did not like Miss Teschmacher that much but there is going to be characters you will love and hate in a show and that's honestly OK to feel this way. The positive things I'd like to add is the return of Mon-el and also the return our nerdy character Winn and to be honest I was so happy to see some old faces return as a guest appearance. Now one last thing I wanna add was the funny moment where there was more then one Brainy and they all said your under arrest. There was a female Brainy as well which made the situation quite hilarious if you ask me. Either way I will be watching Season 6 of Supergirl as it is the final season and I wanna see how this series end and if they capture Lex or not. 


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