Thursday, February 25, 2021

The Day I Renewed My First Ever Web Series For More Episodes!

                I know I was rambling almost 2 weeks ago on Twitter about this and when I renewed an Original web series which I will not mention the name of it per say but I was fresh out of High School as I graduated from High School and I decided to make a visit to my class, grab my things out of my now former locker as I had to clean out my locker and also grab my grades for my final semester to see if I graduated which I did! I know I say Ms. H, Mr. M and Mr. Plishka too during their lunch hour. Anyways I was on my way out the door in the front of the school that is when I thought, hey I'd like to renew the series up to 16 episodes for the first and only full season that was ever recorded. The one bad thing that happened coming down the stairs at the bottom I twisted my bloody ankle and I had to hobble my way back up the stairs and into the office to tell em what happened that I injured myself and I was unable to walk to the bus to get myself home. They gave me an ice pack and they called my parents to come and get me and I think one of the vice principals escorted me out to ensure I was OK going out to the back parking lot of the school.

              I believe it was mid week by the time Eric found out about the renewal and the ideas I had for the series and I know we had a get together to discuss the ideas and for the most part I remember a good majority of the episodes and I actually think I still got some pictures from those days on disks that I have upstairs but I would have to go up and actually look to see if I kept it or got rid of em. For the most part the rest of this was history and the series ran it's course till January 10th, 2008 which was a date in the history to remember and I wanna do a podcast or blog about the timeline of the Series I did over the years and more then likely it will be done on  a blog as I do not want you guys to be bore you guys on a podcast... LOL!


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