Monday, March 1, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [03-01-2021]

             Well happy 1st of March! Another month has arrived in 2021 and I have a bunch of updates and return of favorite features! This is what makes this website unique all the different things to do around our website and our views seem to be consistent on a day to day to basis  and honestly Chris informed me we are close to the 200K mark on this website. With what is about to be added to the website but however here are the updates:

Website: Website has been given a bit of an overhaul. For those who didn't know Chris's 3 Twitch accounts, ChrisEM15, CBOTW_Network and CBOTWNetworkBot someone got into it and got it banned so we have abandoned Twitch all together all together so under Podcasts tab we removed Twitch and only has YouTube at this point. Also you have probably seen a "Chats" Tab pop up. The tab is yet to be active as I have to work on the Staff accounts still and we hope to launch one of two chats this week! What chats you may ask? We will have a chatroom for Big Brother so you can talk about what is going on the show and on the Live Feeds as well. As well as our Normal Community Lounge is returning on a more permanent basis and hope to launch that a week Monday.

The CBOTW Show: Chris, Jasmine, Billy, Chris S and Larry have done such an amazing job with the podcasts with fixing the technical issues they have experienced recently with streaming but everything seems flawless and last night's 1 hour stream proved to be a very successful for them both. Audio ONLY will be up today or tomorrow when he finishes editing it. Regular Streams can be seen Thursdays @ 9:10 pm EST.

Entertainment Man Podcast: The Podcast has proved to done well with YouTube and now Audio ONLY. The Podcast is all booked for end of the month podcasts up to start of June at this moment. Boss Man Chris will start looking into more interviews and if interested to email at 

               Those are the updates for the week and stay tuned for the chat release for the Big Brother Lobby which should be up during the day and chat will be opening after the Premiere episode of Big Brother Canada but the page will be live during the day but stay tuned for details this week. I will be talking to you all next Monday, have a great week!

Charlotte, Site Admin

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