Monday, February 15, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [02-15-2021]

                  We have been on a tear updating, testing and making sure we are polishing our sound and making sure we are 100% ready to go. The last week has been a very productive week for us and you probably noticed that we have been testing on and off of YouTube and Twitch and this is a network update for you guys. Chris yesterday successfully figured out the issue that it was a setting that was in the back side of the YouTube channel and was the entire problem but recently has been rectified and fixed. He has been in a better mood minus the next negative thing that has happened and that is Castbox. As you know Castbox is the main feed for both Entertainment Man Podcast and The CBOTW Show and Entertainment Man Podcast feed hasn't been affected whatsoever. However The CBOTW Show has been affected by this technical issues recently and Chris has put a hold on uploading to the main RSS Feed until the issue is resolved. 

As you can notice on the left side that I have since updated the Podcasts Drop down menu per his request since he is the boss man. We moved "Entertainment Man Podcast" and changed the Archives above to "Other Podcasts" and Everything About Reality TV Podcast disappeared and I re-created "Podcast Archives" which the links goes to which all you gotta do is click the image to actually get to the archives. It is not as I hard as I explained it, haha! Those are the updates I have for this week, Chris and Jasmine will be live this week on the YouTube channel while we figure out the Castbox issue and why the feed isn't updating at this moment but I may pop on during the week for an update  until then have a wonderful day and enjoy your Family Day to those who are having the holiday up here in Canada and I will hopefully talk to you guys later in the week if not then next Monday for the next update.

- Charlotte, Site Admin

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