Wednesday, February 17, 2021 Is Getting A Chat Again!

                  The ChrisBOnTheWeb Team is always looking for new features and ideas and we have had our share of failures with a dead chat on, the Discord Drama, Discord not working very well now. Chris has consulted myself, Tiala, Billy and Jasmine on the website and we are going to be bringing back the Community Chat. Now we are not rushing on the Chatroom Community right away, I am working on designs and seeing what he likes and we are also working on making it mobile friendly as we have complaints about the mobile friendliness of the chat and we are listening to you guys and we wanna take our time to thinking of every point and technical aspect of the website Community Chat. We also wanna make some rules that will be followed as that has seem to be ignored and this time around they will have to be followed either way or you will be banned from chat. Consider this a fair warning in advance.     

            We will once again have guest chat but if the rule continue to be on broken when we clearly have rules to follow. If we have to require you guys to login we can do that under our discretion but we will see how things go with the chat returning. I believe the chatroom still exists but it isn't attached to our website but we have to look. Also we have to work on Staff Accounts and get them all Admin'd up on the chat. So that what we are planning and an announcement when the Community Tab goes back up but it will not be for quite some time, we just wanted to let you guys know that we are working on this project as people do not have a place to go hangout and chat between podcasts live and pre-recorded and when it is ready we will announce on our social medias that it is going live. I will be talking to you guys Friday as Chris already had something pre-written.

Charlotte, Site Admin

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