Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Typical Day On A Podcast Recording Day

                If I so sleep at night as most of you my sleep is different from day to day where I am at with sleep but let's say I do sleep so early in the morning I come down to my studio get my day started write my blog post for the day, then get my AT2020 (Audio Technica) into position in front of my and put it upright until I am ready. Then usually I will put up the introduction to the podcast up first as for those who know I do the intro with a small voice over and talk over the intro theme at the appropriate time. If I am haven't seen Survivor like last night, then usually I will watch the show in the morning, when I get up and then get ready to record, as sometimes it takes me a half hour, hour at the most. Sometimes it is in the early evening depending if I got a busy day and unable to record early in the morning.

                   So after watching the episode whether it is Survivor, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada, Big Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, I get the mic ready, check levels to ensure they are at the right levels for the podcast and no distortion whatsoever. Also if I have a guest in the studio here, to ensure their mic is at the right level to their voices. I know there is a lot of technical mumbo jumbo crap but it is the key thing to recording a podcast. I take about 15 mins to check levels and do test run to make sure if need be.

                    Then I am now ready to record the podcast, so the podcast you guys know how it runs, 20 - 30 minutes, sometimes more depending how much I have in the way of notes or if I continue to ramble on non stop then it goes a little longer and sometimes I am well known for rambling on my podcasts but that's OK, I like to express my opinion, my analysis on the Reality TV Show, plus run times of a podcast can vary, especially if there is a guest in the studio at the time.

                     The final 2 steps I take is to edit out the dead air that is in the podcasts or parts that I do not need in the podcast that doesn't suit the podcast. Once that is done, I go to my main feed site, upload the episode to there, then go upload it and place the code in a new line at the top of the Everything About Reality TV Podcast Main Feed. Within an hour I post it up on social media, the group on Facebook and also on Twitter. That is my typical day of a podcast recording.

Have a great night!


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