Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I Made A Big Mistake!

           I knew I would get a backlash of hate and people un-following me for what I posted here on the blog and the post has been removed from the blog, it was unprofessional and I was wrong to make the wrong judgement and I know my cousin, he would of not been happy if the site goes down for good and if the site was to go down, it would be the day the domain expires if I felt like just having the blogger, I can link the podcasts on here somewhere and interviews on here. But I was talking about it a bit further on Periscope this afternoon. However, I was wrong to just give up on my website, when the going gets tough and I should know better and I deserved to lose 3 - 4 followers in the process for what I did. I know there are consequences for every action and I am taking the consequence of losing followers.

            I deeply sorry for those whom I may have affected with this startling announcement last night, it was uncalled for, I should of figured out a solution with the website and just given you guys the blog page and the other Audio ONLY platforms... I know a few people gave me crap already for even thinking of quitting something I love to do. I understand you guys love what I do and respect me for taking time out of my day to record quality content each and everyday. I was merely frustrated with the way my website was running and to just give up on everything, was not the right thing to do and was unforgivable. I hope you guys can forgive me and we move forward with everything on Chris B On The Web and the big future plans I got for my website. 

Have a great night!


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