Thursday, November 30, 2017

Which Social Media Do I Use The Most Currently?

          So you are probably wondering what Social Media? Well besides Facebook for my own personal use, my main go to Social Media for Chris B On The Web at this point is Twitter and is the only social media used for Chris B On The Web.

            As you guys know I've tried a fan page to a point I was trolled or not much activity on the page whatsoever. Also as you know my posts got reported so again that is why I have refused to make anymore groups at this point of time, someone keeps reporting my posts, not that I am bashing Facebook, because I'm not...  I got my reasons why I do not have the Facebook group or the Facebook Page and I am happy with what I got at this point of time. The way I see it, is go on social media that bring you the most success and interaction, it doesn't hurt to try it out if it doesn't work then you can remove it from that social media and work with which ones work the best for you. 

           So which platforms do I prefer to use? Well I liked Facebook but to a point of the post getting reported so Twitter is currently my go to for social media at this point of time and honestly I get a ton more response from it then i did elsewhere, even Google Plus wasn't doing overly great for me at the time, but my choices would be Facebook or Twitter, Facebook as I had ton of support on the group up to the point of being reported constantly from outside the group. Twitter, I get Retweets, replies Likes, you name it on there and I am very happy with the platform and been a solid member since 2011/2012, then the current account since 2013 and I've noticed on Twitter I have grown so much and so fast, it is my number 1 social media outside of my personal FB for friends and family. 


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