Sunday, September 22, 2019

Working On A New Page Here On The Website!

              I never really thought about this ever happening again EVER as you know the team was pretty much stripped down to me only on CBOTW and I have been on my own for the past 2 + years. With the addition of Billy to the list of podcasts and partnership with Rocky, I have started a "Team" Page here on the website. Now the page itself is now complete in the design with the text and images which took me sometime to work on as I wasn't really sure on the way to insert an "image into the table code on the website which is the way I formatted the website without using the normal builder here on the website so this page and majority of the pages on this website is all coded together minus the blog which is a part of the website itself. The rest of the website is made up of entirely code, html code, IFrame, CSS Code, you name it! Even the menu button is all based on code! Cannot say I built this website from scratch pretty much and if you ask me it sure as heck does look professional in a way and probably why the viewership has been up lately on the website so you guys are definitely liking the change that this site has gone through recently. Yes the team page has been finished and tweaked already so that is definitely a great sign in getting it active on the website.

                I know what you are going to say... Active? It's not even up and yes I do realize that as I had to do some numerous of tweaks and re-code to the page as some text showed bold so I re-coded part of that page and it seems to look really, really good now. The next phase is to tinker with the menu bar code which I know can be a royal pain in the butt to deal with but I think I got the concept of the menu bar code down.  So over this week I will be working on the menu bar and testing it so if anything goes out of sync do not be alarmed as I probably broke something on the website like I normally do when I build the website. Either way this newly fixed website does look very awesome and I have worked hard over the last few months planning and implementing the code into the site and building this new bar and I swear this probably will be the last time I tinker with the website for a very long time unless a new service or something happens on this website which probably will not be for a long time. Yes I got a plan in the back of my mind but you guys have to wait and see what I mean in the nearby future. When I am ready to release the addition to the menu bar I will announce it publicly, Facebook (Yes I got a Facebook Twitter & Instagram and also here on the blog as well. 


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