Saturday, September 21, 2019

Weight Loss Update [09-21-2019]

            I am now officially at 222.3 pounds which honestly surprised the heck out of me which I didn't think that I would get this far and back down to 222. Now the goal from here on out is to continue on and get myself below 220 that is my first goal before heading all the way to 210 pounds. I know I can do this and been watching the calorie count each and every day which is good.  Now my worry is that I will gain weight again tomorrow and it will be all thrown away but I am staying positive that it is possible. I can honestly say I really hope to start losing the weight as this has been on going for a very long time now I have been doing this weight loss and it is honestly difficult. Try going on 2 years to be exact and I have had it with this weight loss. However I wanna get down to 210 by end of the year is the first initial goal then from there I am planning to start getting below 210 but if I get down there before then I can start losing the weight before but I have to walk before I run technically. I honestly think now at 222.3 pounds it will not be as hard then I thought. I am just going to be fighting it till I am below the 220 mark and this could possibly happened this week coming up.

              All I really have to do from here on out is keep on watching my calories and that has been the big point I have made to watching out on my calorie count which is definite a plus with losing the weight and seems to be working so I need to continue with this method and as long as I stay in this point and if i gain a pound which has happened, no biggie with me as it will happen from time to time. Now I have started to cut back on stuff too and pretty much I have continued to portion size things for myself and that was the biggest issue I really have had in the past but it is not that hard to get it back under control. Best advice is to not let the weight gain bother me as it is normally just water retention. Also I have noticed I have made a ton more smoothies which is completely healthy. Now final point on this update is I do have my days where I still have a fat day which is fine which is a good thing to do every week, however, I think I want to cut back on the fat days however I can have a treat once a week or especially when my niece and nephew are over that is something I can do once and a while but not regularly.  Like I said I need to focus on the calories and something I have been paying a ton more to lately honestly. There is my update and I will do another one in 2 weeks time since I do not think it will be a good idea for a weekly update this way I can even focus on other posts on the Saturday on the opposite weeks.


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