Friday, September 20, 2019

Being Consistent With Podcasts Is Key!

           I honestly cannot stress this enough with the lack of putting up my podcasts on time has hindered some of the viewership, especially when it comes to Everything About Reality TV. However I need to fix a few things and I am going to list it here on the blog:

1)   Staying on track for recording- After the disaster with Big Brother 21 and I would of continued if it wasn't for it being off kilter in the scheduling but definitely need to stay on track for recording whether it is the day of you are recording to edit and post up on the platform of your choice.

2) Have a schedule- Now I know with my Podcast it is hard as normally I record the day of but if you are not on as strict as a schedule as I am from 1 to a few times a week, I recommend to record a day or two in advance so this gives you some leeway with editing the podcast. Why you think I normally will record then edit then tell you guys with the collaboration podcasts.

3) Posting up on time is IMPORTANT!- Now I know at the start it is tough to stay on schedule at the start as that was a big key issue I have had over the last nearly 4 years of my podcast running but starting to get better and better but still have the occasional issues but sometimes you guys cannot control the tech issues with whether it is the mic, mixer, sound issues or the platform goes down on technical issues which I will address those on tomorrow's post actually as a bit of a Saturday throwback to the early days of Everything About Reality TV. However it is important to stay on the right schedule if you want to keep your current and earning more subscribers to the podcast. 

4) Good Quality- Whether it is audio only or video and audio only, quality is the up most importance. Good video quality is always the best 1080p if you do both video and audio. Finally the last point I want to make is a good quality especially with the Audio ONLY side of things and I had that issue at the start myself and also recently but that is fixed now so you guys can hear me a ton clearer but the point I am making, it is is imperative that you have good quality, meaning no distortion, or very low mic. I am very slim picky when it comes into quality these days and this is why I am making the post today for you guys.

              There is my list and I want to give back to the podcasting community now that I have been in this community for the last 4 years non stop so this is my way of giving back to the community. Like I said in one of my points, I will be doing an additional podcasting related post tomorrow talking about the first season I ever did for the podcast. Let's just say this is going to be a throwback but on a Saturday technically. I hope you guys enjoyed today's post as I enjoyed making this amazing post and like I said I am giving back to the community doing these kind of posts.


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