Monday, September 23, 2019

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Updates!

             I know things have been very awful quiet with the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. In today's post, I will be talking about some of the updates that I can provide to you guys now that things have slowly changed over the last couple of weeks and discussions have been made between the two parties. First of all, I know that the podcast did end up on a lengthy hiatus due to some unnecessary drama but this is why the post is being made this morning is to give you guys a bit of an update on what is happening currently with this Collaboration Podcast. So without further ado here are the updates I can give you for right now:

1) The feud between Larry and I, yes we had a bit of a feud due to a communication break down. Anyways now to this day, both him and I are on good terms and we have figured out things out and we are currently both wanting to continue with this collaboration as we did make a promise to YOU guys, the best fans out there that we would continued on with this podcast so we are back into Pre-Production.

2) With saying that what's the status of the Podcast now? Well, currently I am watching Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and near the finish of the 7th season so I will be heading into the 8th season of the series. There was a backlog due to what I said in my first post but with the drama, I did stop working on it and decided to not bother with it for about a week or two so the notes just sat in my bin without any work.

3) The third point I would like to make is that I did catch up with the notes and now more then half way mark as I have binged watched episodes for hours per day so I made up some time there. However the first week in October is now in question and with the studio renovation coming up, I am not sure we will be recording till later like December or even January 2020 at the most now. 

4) Finally if we indeed record in January 2020, we will be definitely be doing the podcast 3 times next year so I do plan on watching the next set of Power Ranger seasons and get myself a bit ahead so we are ready to go for the next two sessions. However I do need to still talk to Larry about things and come up with a proper make up schedule as November is a definite no as I will be helping and renovating the studio and changing things up here in the studio and none of the microphones will be up and things will be stored away during the renovations in the studio here so a proper schedule will have to be discussed between him and I this week hopefully.

                There is the updates I do have right now and once him and I are ready to start recording again, I will be making the official announcement for you guys to when it will be coming back but for right now it is 95% On Hiatus for now while the studio is being changed around and fixed up. Trust me when we get back, things will be definitely 100% better and the quality and production of this podcasts will be a ton better then hey have been recently.


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