Friday, May 27, 2022

End of The Week Updates [05-27-2022]

            Another week has come to an end and time for some updates. I only really have three updates as I can give you guys right now so here it is: 

Website: I've noticed the website has been a bit slower and I think it is that time of the year again where everyone is outside and enjoying this beautiful weather and we've had some nice weather ourselves, for a fact we've already had shorts weather actually. But I have notice the numbers are not as high as normal and I totally understand. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: I have decided to stay with as I wanna try and stay loyal and moving the podcast now will be confusing for everyone honestly so I do not wanna make a move right now not while the podcast is currently in production and moving was a pain getting things moved to the new RSS feed and published. Plus notifying platforms that the RSS Feed change that is just a ton of work to be done so it's best to stay put right now. 

Power Rangers Collab: I will have the Power Rangers Super Samurai done by end of the weekend in typing and Tuesday will be starting on Megaforce for the end of June/Early July so we can stay on track. I do plan on actually getting ahead as far ahead as humanly possible so this way I am not falling behind on schedule for the collabs I wanna make sure I am ahead of schedule hence the hard work I am putting into working on the collab and my goal is to try and get up to the end of Beast Morphers by end of this year then start working on Dino Fury Seasons 1 and 2 in the New Year, 2023. 

              Those are the updates for now, not much to report this week as I am working hard on content and enjoying streaming again and playing some video games and interacting with the fans that come on by to watch the live streams and it is truly nice to have two different channels, one primarily to focus on the podcast of mine and the other for streaming. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all Monday and Happy Memorial Day to all my American fans, listeners, readers!


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