Monday, May 16, 2022

The Website Has Grow Massively In The Last 5 Years!

              Towards the end of the week last week, I actually was going through the blogs as I mentioned, I removed the negative posts, etc. Anyways, I compared the views from 5 years ago, 2017 compare to now 2022 and what a difference from 10,000 views compare to now, so it's massively grown as I am just over 360k (360,000) website views, that is like 70k a year that I get on the website which doesn't seem like much but it is! I don't wanna brag a lot but it is amazing to see the difference from when I started to now. It truly goes to show the hard work I put on my website on a day to day basis and always adding or fixing things on the website. I just keep grinding hard to get those amazing views and one day I am sure that my YouTube channel will reach that status as I know Entertainment Man Podcast is here to stay for years to come! 

               I probably told you guys and given advice to keep on going on your content! It will happen one day. Like I was told in a recent interview I did for my podcast you gotta find your niche and I think I found the right kind of niche to be quite honest. What I plan on doing moving forward is to keep things as they are and not keep changing things around. That is the one thing I found is if I change anything around on here, you guys get confused what is happening so I am sticking to the current schedule for content. I rather stay on a consistant schedule then being inconsistant. Being consistant is the way to go if you wanna see success. That is the post for today, thanks for reading and I will speak to you all tomorrow!


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