Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Did I ever think I would be back on YouTube?

                 That is a great question and the answer to that is no, I never once thought I'd pop back on YouTube again. To be quite honest, I thought I was done with YouTube all together but I guess I was wrong cause I ended up going back to YouTube all together. You know you guys really convinced me to go back especially for Entertainment Man Podcast. What is this my 3rd actual active channel that I have had? Minus the failed ones I had which is an endless number I'm sure. I know when I said I was done with YouTube, I was done with YouTube but things changed years later and I know I had numerous attempts to try and start over but failed at them all in the process but if you don't succeed try, try again as the saying goes. I know I will end up growing on there eventually just like the audio only and I always promote the channel when just an Audio ONLY version of the podcast goes up.

                 So the answer is no, I never thought I'd come back but in the end, I am happy I did. Looking at the numbers it's done really well on YouTube, not as many as the Audio ONLY but it's getting there and I am sure eventually the subs will trickle in here and there. My goal is to beat out thedirector015 channel as that one had 42 and I wanna pass that number and I know I will eventually.  Just gotta keep working on it and keep on growing this monster of a podcast. I never knew it would become so popular especially with requests for interviews have been really high. However I am getting off topic, I am excited to be doing this channel and ready to grow this thing and it becoming a great podcast channel. I think I hit the right kind of podcast cause it's become a hit sensation! Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow, have a great rest of your Tuesday. 


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