Monday, May 30, 2022

Getting More and More Excited for Thursday!

                 With it being days before I get together with Larry for his triumphed return to the studio. Wednesday, I will be doing a mass cleanup of the studio, vaccumm, dust sanitize the desk area, you know it! You do not know how excited I am right now with him returning to the studio for his first set of podcasts to get done. Now I am halfway finished on notes and working hard. I had a cancellation (unless this changes this morning) so if I am home and you see me tweeting a lot more then usual then you know but I am sure I'll be in my studio a ton more active today then usual as today is normally my day off. However I am working hard to getting things done and hope to put a dent in notes today which I'm sure I will be.

                  Now small note, I have seen, Larry before in person for lunch at the end of last month so it is not like I've not seen him before. However it will be great to have him in the studio again in the flesh again to record and it has been forever since we've recorded in person. Now you guys know that I am recording Power Rangers Collab with him but not just that but also Entertainment Man Podcast for this weekend as Thursday I return to the grind this week on that podcast as the rest time is over and I am ready to really dig deep on the podcasts this week and get things on the move. I know I will be working on Megaforce and Super Megaforce right after so I am grinding hard on the content so we can stay on track. Anyways that is today's post and I will speak to you all tomorrow!


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