Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Sometimes You Gotta Make Hard Decisions!

                    For someone who said on this blog yesterday, I had 0 ideas well today I have a good post to talk about as something is on my mind. As you know my world right now has turned upside down for me and has become chaotic for me and other things and projects and things that had to be done first and with my busy interview and 100th episode schedule, I have to get that ready. So I made the decision with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast to postpone till June 2nd, 2022. Yes without Larry's consent as he's as big part of that podcast as I am as he is the Senior Producer for that podcast and any other collaboration podcasts that he is involved with me. 

                 You guys wonder if he will have a problem with that, I do not think so. He's the most easiest person to work with especially when it comes to decisions made and he has a ton of power as my SP (Senior Producer) and he knows I cannot perform miracles and it will get done and is on my list near the top once I finish up with editing Entertainment Man Podcast for this weekend, it will be nothing but Power Rangers and working on notes for the 100th episode. I am aiming to be done by end of the weekend and have it typed up by end of the week early following week so I am really pushing it so him and I can record. Now the decisions for Megaforce and Super Megaforce will all depend on how fast I get them done and that will be next on the list. So after that I will be working on that so schedule will come when I have more information. Hopefully we are done in July so we can relax for the rest of the summer while I prep for the next one. Anyways I am just rambling endlessly and sometimes you cannot stay on schedule and it happens, but always have a plan b is a good thing to have. That is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow, have a great rest of your Wednesday!


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