Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sorry for No Blog Post on Scheduling!

                 I know, I know blog didn't go up and I totally slept in once again. This is why I need to prepare the blogs the night before. This is my own fault for oversleeping and like I said in one of my mentoring sessions on an app, I need to do better in time management and this is why I need to do blog prior to the next day, it's more called being ahead of schedule or ahead in the game. So today it's me rambling about me not staying on schedule whatsoever.  I feel really stupid cause I realized this even when starting to post up stuff on social media as I normally would and I saw nothing for the post. To be honest- I do not know what I wanna talk about tomorrow on the post. Running out of ideas and didn't plan ahead like I normally do. Maybe it is just cause I have been busy booking interviews for the coming weeks and right now I am a little busier then usual. 

               However, I am getting a post out to you guys and yes I considered no blog post today but it is what it is, again I still put out a post for you guys today and that is what matters is that I made up and posting this odd ball blog post. Anyways I am sorry for no post but you got one even if I am rambling in an endless circle of nonsense but I promise tomorrow should be a better post for you guys to read. I feel like this post is just pointless but sometimes pointless makes some sense to you guys. Anyways that is my post, hope you enjoyed it somewhat or all together and I will speak to you guys tomorrow and it will be on schedule.


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