Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast Has Grown!

                    Despite the mishap of tech issues with the main RSS Feed and the fact I have decided to stay put cause of the amount of support I have had the podcast and to start over again wouldn't be right. So I've decided to stay put for now and any new projects I can start on castbox but that is later on. The Audio ONLY seems to keep on the consistent amount of listens per week and it just seems to stay very consistent but some weeks are higher. I see a trend, 38 listens or higher for the regular episodes and there is episodes I have gotten 50 listens for exaple the interview I did with Hamish that did really, really well and I am very impressed with it honestly. I know I can manage even on my own when there isn't a schedule interview a certain week, doesn't matter I always pull in the listeners every week. I know that one episode seemed to have disappeared and that episode didn't do well so they did me a favor I guess.

                  Now the YouTube side of things, that has done extremely well for me with the last interview I conducted on the podcast for just over 30 views which is rare for me in all the years that I have had a channel and I am quite impressed. People who wanna doubt me think again cause it is doing well. I know I didn't make the best decisions with Entertainment Man Podcast but I am getting better at the business decisions on it and I have to try and listen to my gut instinct when it comes to the decision making. I am proud of myself that I am able to make the right decisions and just gotta remember to keep on making those right decisions. I am going to continue on all the different platforms and just keep this thing growing bigger and better as the weeks go on. That is my post, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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