Monday, April 20, 2020

Chris B On The Web Update [04-20-2020]

               I have some updates for you guys for today's post. I got some stuff to update you guys on and start with the team. I am guessing Larry is part of the "Staff" again as he's been involved highly especially recently with this pandemic and our studio in lock down. That is another thing that you guys knew we are still in lock down and when this is all done anyone that visits the studio out of the staff will have to bring their own ear buds or headphones. It will be like that for quite sometime after this is over but going to be cautious one way or another. Now Everything About Reality TV is doing well and as you will notice today I am doing weekly podcasts with a Survivor Winners At War Breakdown and rankings and honestly it was fun, I enjoyed doing it and really got into it and honestly it's different from the recaps and I can see myself doing this is a future seasons and never know I could even do it on video even tho I initially planned on Audio ONLY for those but it's Survivor and I think when we go to video, we will, I mean I will record it and premiere it when we are on YouTube this way you guys get to see it.  However back to what I was saying that we are nowhere near ready and been trying to search for the podcast on YouTube but nowhere near finding it and I know the trailer is up but it's unlisted as it will be seen by new visitors hence the reason the channel isn't found as we didn't start it yet. 

               Blog and the website doing well. Not as many views as last month but still over 2K which is still  a great number and that growth is there some months are better then others and last month the growth was insane. However with the blogs returned daily now shows we are continuing on the growth spur of the website. I think the fact we didn't post much and went to every second day for 2 weeks didn't help but I had to in order to get it done. I've been stuck with trying to watch Power Rangers Podcast and I said I was going to watch it but haven't been motivated to watch and with May approaching, I need to start catching up to speed on things if we are indeed recording in June which we are still determining what the plan is with the state of the world right now Either way things are doing well for us and we're progressing well and things are slow at times but also I have been working on things and trying to split things up and taking time for myself and really working hard on a daily basis and watching shows to get moving on certain podcasts but this week I am going to work hard once again. I think I am getting into a routine again.


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