Sunday, April 26, 2020

Worried About Reality TV's Summer Schedule

             I can officially say this, getting more and more worried about the summer schedule honestly.  With this virus going around the world right now, I am starting to think Negatively and mind you Eric who worked with me on a previous team back in the day really trying to keep me in a positive spot and honestly it's been hard to keep being positive. However I am trying. I am also worried about what will happen to our podcast as we have worked so hard to get the YouTube Channel ready for a brand new season and this may not happen for a while. However yes I have said in the past few weeks that I do have a plan and you can definitely withhold me to that but right now is not the right time to talk about YouTube and when it is starting. We are putting that side of the podcast on hold while we finish up the projects and shows at hand which is finishing up Survivor: Winners At War and cover The Amazing Race 32. Then we can decide what happens next with the podcast. 

               Yes as Executive Producer and Host, I am concerned and we could be seeing a bit of a hiatus from the podcast or at least a lengthy off season podcast, but we just do not know what to do and not saying that we do not have Off Season podcasts, we got a couple that were erased from the Audio ONLY feed but the notes still exist on my USB Key so it is all there still. Anyways yes I am worried but I need to try and stay positive and trying to honestly but struggling with this podcast again. I really need to stay focused on NOW, the Survivor Recaps and Rankings Podcast I do every week then shift over to the Amazing Race Recaps and then the decision is ours later on possibly in June to what the plan is if there is no Big Brother 22 or Amazing Race Canada 8. I'm not saying that there not going to be those shows, we're just unsure right now as we do not currently have any announcement made at this moment and we cannot announce what is next for the podcast. We need to take it one thing at time and that is the plan for now. I admit we have been moving too fast lately and it's affecting the morale of the team so it was my own fault on my own part. These are tough times for all of us with the constant changes going on right now and we are figuring things out right now and when we have more information, we will give it to you guys when we know further. 


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