Monday, April 27, 2020

Late Night Everything About Reality TV Podcast Update

              I know this is a late night post and I want to address this on an additional post. I found out some information on the summer and nothing is set in stone yet. This isn't a confirmation for the summer either but more of an update for you guys. I just not long ago notified Staff and Alum of CBOTW on the 2 shows we cover in the summertime; Big Brother US & Amazing Race Canada and here are the updates I can give you guys and what I am doing for right now:

Big Brother 22 RECAPS: I know you are all wondering what is happening with our Big Brother Recaps as the last several summers, we have driven away from those recaps or abruptly end it which I know wasn't very professional but this is now not back then. Honestly our last season we covered was Big Brother 19 and with the state of the world with COVID-19 there has been rumors of the season in Limbo and they are going to cancel it which is ridiculous. My thoughts is I want them to have a season and there is NO confirmation from CBS themselves that this season is cancelled due to the virus. So as of right now I am putting on the schedule Big Brother 22 Recaps W/ Reality Teas (Chris) and saying it will happen for right now. I'm not promising it will happen but gotta stay optimistic and positive it will happen as CBS has said so. Yes the Recaps are on the schedule as of right now.

Amazing Race Canada 8 RECAPS: I have heard NOTHING about Amazing Race Canada 8. They have been very quiet and I know we are currently in lock down here in Ontario and Canada and they do not want to say anything till they know for sure it will happen or not which is a smart thing to be honest. So as of right now I am leaving the Recaps on hold for now till I know further so it's on the wait list on my desk till we get a formal announcement from production themselves. That is all we can honestly do is wait it out right now. Update: We are looking at being in Self Isolation for another 4 - 6 months to a year and this may affect Amazing Race Canada 8 so I'm not sure what is going to happen. 

             It can change and I will keep providing you guys updates on the summer scheduling and I got staff around the clock, my website admin and assistant and they keep me up to speed on the situation with this. Either way I have ideas in my head in case we go into a  lengthy hiatus from a regular season but least I am being well prepared and an announcement for the YouTube Channel will be coming in about a month hopefully, don't quote me on that to when we are officially launching the new channel but the show announcements come first. This is the update and again we'll keep you guys up to date when we have more information or breaking news!

Chris, Founder & Owner

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