Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Favorite 3 Stooges Episodes!

                 On today's blog post, I am going to talk about My favorite 3 Stooges episodes. Now I have spoken about how I got into the show and what not and now I want to talk about my favorite episodes. I got a ton of episodes that I loved and made me laugh to a point of me in pain in the pit of my stomach from laughing so hard but anyways here is my list:

1) Plumbing We Will Go- The 3 of them are plumbers and they totally mess up the plumbing, the lighting and destroy the entire house! This was on of the first episodes that my aunts introduced to me and still find the episode funny as heck!

2) Disorder In The Court- The 3 Stooges, Curly, Larry and Moe are in court as witnesses and just insanity pursues and a musical interlude with Moe swallowing a Harmonica but do not want to spoil it for you guys but worth an episode to watch.

3) The 3rd of at least 5 on my list as I cannot list every single episode is Punk Drunk where they get Curly to get into Boxing and whenever he hears the Weasel tune he goes nuts. Another episode I'd highly recommend to watch for a laugh.

4) Babysitter Jitters- Now this one is with Shemp Larry and Moe. They are babysitting this kid where he was crying and he would laugh every time Shemp would go upside down.  Now there is a scene where the clock is ringing and Moes do you hear that ringing Shemp pulls it out and he's says what's that? Shemp- a Clock, Moe says what does a clock say and Shemp being a smart Alec says, tick, tick, tick and get hits with the clock.

5)  Do not remember the name of this episode but they 3 of them, yes again Shemp, Larry and Moe are dentists and they are out west. They practice their dentistry once they graduated from Dental School. Was pretty hilarious and had this episode even on VHS when it was still a thing.

                  There is my list and hope you guys enjoyed it and please feel free to watch some of these or all of them, they are a good laugh for sure and I enjoy doing these lists kind of posts for you guys and wanna do more of these for you guys down the road and if you got ideas, please do let me know!


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