Monday, April 13, 2020

Favorite Soups To Eat!

            I realize this could be a boring post but going to try and make it as entertaining as I can. In today's post I want to talk about soups. I love my soups, especially on a cold day. I have so many favorites personally and it will be utterly impossible to go through em all. Anyways here is my list of favorite soups:

1) Chicken Noodle- Whether it is the Lipton kind of even the Campbells, I love it and makes things all better especially when I am sick (which I am not insinuating I am) but I love it and always been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.

2) Matzo Ball Soup- Now last time I had this was ages ago, I was a kid still at the time. This was at Shopsy's in Toronto which not many or any left but I did look it up one in Toronto near Queen so I am going to definitely go back there when this is all over with this Pandemic. 

3) Potato and Leek Soup- Talk about Hearty soups and I really love Leek Soup it is just scrumb diddly umcious as Ned Flanders would say on The Simpsons.

4) Beef and Barly Soup- Haven't had this one in a while now but definitely on my list to make again down the road. It has been a while since I have had it actually but always enjoy it as it is another hearty soup.

5) Turkey Soup- Love this one too and we always make it with left over Turkey from Thanksgiving or even Christmas time it's a great way to use left overs from holiday favorites one way or another.

6) Finally on my list is Vegetable Soup. I had it for the first time in years as my mom recently made it towards the end of the winter but all I can say my mom's, Aunt Margaret when she was still alive and grandma's soups are the best! 

             There is my top 6 list of soups, I enjoy and like I said there is more on my list but then this post would be an endless ramble of me going on and on about soup! One honorable mention is the Cabbage soup which is one of my faves and I wish I honestly listed it above but least I am giving it an honorable mention. 


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