Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Gaming Updates [05-03-2023]

              I have several of gaming updates to give you guys. I thought since now gaming blogs are very sporadic like monthly to every 2 months, it is just time for an update at the moment:

Minecraft:  I have completed the village where that apartment building that kept hindering problems with the build. Also took out the basketball court and built it on the backside of the studio Office Building that is built. Now I am working on lighting in the arena which the basketball court is now removed while I do the relighting of the arena to brighten it up. Also I plan on working on the baseball stadium too to brighten up the stadium there too. I have a couple of ideas! After that, probably will not be playing much after that. 

GTA 5: Since GTA 4 crashed the file of the saved files of both with Roman and Nico & The Lost MC expansion, I have jumped back into GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) Just completed the huge jewellery store heist on the game and now playing with Trevor which he's one crazy person in the game one of my faves honestly. 

Luck Be The Landlord:  Well, I am now at level 9 out of 12 and getting closer and close to the end of the first floor. Still grinding on the game either way.

            Those are the gaming updates, the next one, I do not know what the plan is moving forward with gaming updates, might be a month, may be 2 months till the next one who knows honestly. That is the post and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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