Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Gaming Updates

            Another update is here for video games. Not much more to report but as you can see on the right hand side the apartment building was torn down as I was not happy with it and need to do a full on rebuild on it at a smaller scale. Also built out back of the houses in the dome a barn full of animals that is over crowing the pens but no shortage of food right now which is great to have. 

          Stardew Valley, I streamed on the Facebook page for an hour and was quiet so I'm not even sure if I was even streaming as it was quiet but that's OK, I won't be streaming there anymore. I have moved the horse stable closer in to near the house without having to look for the building. Also in the midst of updating the tools and have a shortest of iron right now but I will fix that very quickly. As for The Binding of Isaac Re-birth, I am not even going to talk about it as it's getting more and more frustrating. That is the updates for gaming and I will talk to you all tomorrow for a special post about The CBOTW Show. 


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