Friday, May 26, 2023

End of The Week Updates [05-26-2023]

           Well another week or weeks has gone by and MAJOR changes to ChrisBOnTheWeb has happened over the last few weeks after I returned home 2 weeks ago but here is the updates:

Website Changes: As you probably noticed the colour scheme has changed to the original yellow, white, light blue with the black background. Even the menu bar has changed and as you navigate over the pages on the menu it goes navy blue with the white text which looks really sleek and cool. Big shoutout to Jim for the idea to put a little memory of the old colours we just change to. 

Discord Changes: As you know the Discord has been put under a ton of changes from the removal of Moderators to it returning cause of concern of trolls on the server if my team or myself are not around including my Admin as well. I have removed the polls due to the bot removed the module for the polls. Power Rangers Collab will be removed on July 1st from the channels on the server all together. VIPs been reset up and removed numerous times and now gone probably forever.

Entertainment Man Podcast: With me now back to work and trying to get content done, I am ready to go with interviews and the email is under the contact, please make sure to use and serious requests as I have interviews cancelled on me and not rescheduled. It is frustrating for me as the Exec Producer/Host.

           Those are the updates and I told you there was a dandy amount of updates this week with this being the first week with end of the week updates for the first time in weeks since I have done one. Have a great weekend and I will speak to you all on Monday!


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