Monday, May 1, 2023

The Busy Schedule Begins!

           The emotions and stress is starting for me this week and not about ChrisBOnTheWeb just some family drama going on and worrying about a week from now. With me recording podcasts today and editing the final set of podcasts and then edit it all and schedule them to post.  Now this weekend will be the last premiere for a few weeks as I will be busy with the family at the time plus Celebration of Life for my grandma then flying out to Quebec for her burial, I will not be available or even in my studio much over the next while. Any work that is done will be through my iPad or pad of paper. 

          This week is my last week of recording for a good 2 weeks as I plan on not being behind the mic whatsoever. I will be working on notes while I am not around but I will be sure to pop on the computer and Discord and if I have time to do a live stream with updates if I have the time as it will be a busy next few weeks for me. When I get back I know it will again be hectic for me still getting back into interviews which I will touch on tomorrow's blog so I will talk to you all tomorrow. 


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