Friday, April 28, 2023

End of The Week Updates [04-28-2023]

          Hi everyone!

      Not sure how to do this end of the week updates as I am new to it as when I was with ChrisBOnTheWeb last year in End of October - November sometime, he never asked me to do posts on here. Now there has been a bunch of drama the past few weeks and yesterday night topped it off. Took him 6 hours to pop up on Discord again as we noticed him fiddling around with the colors on the roles of the server so I know he was coming around. Big thank you to my sister Chloe for being there and trying to support everyone during all the community Discord.. 

      Chris is done with interviews right now and doesn't have any other interviews scheduled at this moment. So he is working on the collab for now while he is available at this moment. That is his priority at the moment. If he does not get any requests he will be off from interviews which he will have to record both a week this Sunday and Thursdays mid week next week. Things are winding down for him for content wise as he will be away soon. Reminder that this weekend's Entertainment Man Podcast will NOT be PREMIERED on YouTube due to Chris being out of town this Sunday so he will be posting it up on YouTube. That is all I have to say, have a good weekend and I will be seeing you all around the community! 💜

Sophie, CBOTW Community Manager 

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