Friday, May 19, 2023

End of The Week Updates Return Next Week!

             I decided against the end of the week updates cause honestly, I don't think I was very active with content that much. I am mostly been upstairs lately. Been working on the collab but starting this weekend I am getting back into the studio to type up the notes if it isn't done. I am gearing up to work on Beast Morphers pretty quick as time is ticking and need to get it done by mid June so we can record at the end of June to be one step further to the finish line. 

            That is what's just on my mind right now, I have the end game in my mind. Once we are finished, excuse me I have to say we as Larry is as much of a part of the podcast as I am but right now a lot of my focus is on the collab and getting done all 29 seasons in preparation for Season 30 as well. That is pretty much all I have to say right now but be prepared for all content to go back to normal next week and back to the grind. I am sure I will be energized and ready to go. That is the post for this week and little side note there will be a premiere this weekend of the next episode of Entertainment Man Podcast, I will be available so have a great weekend and see you all Sunday for the premiere of the podcast and I will be back on the blog on Monday!     




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