Thursday, May 18, 2023

What Will I Do With My Extra Time After July?

               The question is what will I do with my extra time? Well while I wait for Season 30 to be released each week, I will be probably start typing up notes for Entertainment Man Podcast to prepare for the future of the podcast. I have well over 100 ideas for the podcast and will work on it. Other then that, I probably will end up just relaxing and spending time with my friends and family a ton. 

                  I have no plans to work on future podcasts till 2024 as I have mentioned to Larry I'd like to spend a year or so working on a future collab ahead of schedule so all we need to do is record, edit and post. However this will probably not happen till 2024. Like I've said in the past The CBOTW Show isn't going to be happening till Power Rangers Collab wraps up with season 30 and we officially make the jump over to that podcast. I'm sure there will be some kind of special moment on the final episode to recognize you guys for always tuning in but for right now, I will have a ton of extra time on my hands and nothing to do and that is OK honestly I can use this extra time to de-stress and just focus on my regular podcast. I will stay in touch with Larry and I know him and I will be hanging out a ton and he will be in the loop when we return to recording together again. Hopefully it isn't a long hiatus before we get back into the swing of things. That is the post today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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