Monday, May 8, 2023

This Week I Am Away For a Few Days...

              This week I will be away for a few days on a personal matter with my family that week so I am preparing blogs for 2 weeks so this way when I am away posts will continue and I am only gone from May 9th - 11th. So that isn't too bad but the only thing that will be changing is the end of the week blog posts as that will be not happening this week whatsoever. I will be away for 3 days and not available I wanna make sure you guys are getting some kind of post done.

             Please do respect my privacy at this time while I am away, once I am back I will be back to recording for you guys and creating blogs and what not but for now I am with family and dealing with personal things right now. I am glad I wrote this blog in advance and as for the podcast it is just normal topic episodes while I am doing personal things so interviews were not booked during the 2 weeks that I blocked off as I am doing personal things right now. Anyways that is the post, will talk to you tomorrow on the next blog post.


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