Monday, May 15, 2023

Getting Back To Normal Schedule

             This week, getting back into sort of a normal routine after a busy, emotional week. I cannot promise everything will return right away like today but give me till Wednesday or Thursday and then things should be back to normal by then. As you know I have been busy with personal things recently and not made much time for work but doing smaller things on a smaller scale for ChrisBOnTheWeb and the last month almost 2 months, my Community Manager Jim has been filling in on updates and posts.

            Also this means I haven't really been active on streams and hope to get back to them a week Saturday as I have been away from them for quite sometime now. I need to get back into a routine and I am not going much further when it comes to travelling wise and am home for the most part now. This week I want to continue to work on seasons and inch us closer to the finish line of the collab so we can officially be down to only 2 podcasts not 3 as we have a lot on the go even though The CBOTW Show isn't currently active at this moment. Anyways this will be an interesting week and I will as always talk to you all tomorrow.


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