Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wiped Out The Collab Page and Re-Coded It!

             I know it has been a while since I fiddled around with the code in the back end of this website and I decided to give the entire page an overhaul as it was long due for it as the page for the collabs has been sitting gathering since the Power Rangers Podcast went on a hiatus all of a sudden due to a very and hectic schedule I was under. So what I have done was wiped out the entire code which caused the website page to be removed from the entire website but it is still there, but it is not visible to you guys till late last night as I brought it back online without the new content but gives you an idea way things look and I think it honestly looks a ton better as I brought in the description next to the title of the collab then below the code to the player so I sort of gave it the sleeker look and less text then ever as there was honestly way too much text when it came to the page and I know it was very texty and I realize that is truly not a word technically but I mean it was a cluttered up page and really in need of maintenance and that is what I did yesterday was work on the page and looks better. 

           Yes the page is live, just go to the collabs page to see the changes that we have made and honestly I am much happier with it and I know there is one part that looks kind of spread apart but I tried everything to fix it but it seems to just not be fixable at this point but cannot really tell but I will try and continue to fix that, might be a site bug with but it could be out of my control but I am sure it has nothing to do with any of the code and I checked time and time again on the code so there is nothing wrong with the code from my back end as it has been checked so many times, my brain hurts but I don't think you guys will really notice much of a difference anyways and nobody has really said anything to me about the gap on there. 

           However, I needed to make these changes to start fitting in newer episodes as I knew when the late spring came, I would be finishing up the prep work for Power Rangers Podcast to get ready to start recording and I had to realize to get this page ready for new releases as I haven't touched the actual page since December of last year so that is definitely 6 months ago to the day of this post being released to you guys, however that is about to soon change with the most recent upload nearly 24 hours from now. I hope you guys enjoy the episode tomorrow and fair warning it is an hour long as we had a ton of content to cover on the episode but we hope you enjoy it and let me know on social media what you think!


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