Saturday, June 8, 2019

Power Rangers Podcast Release Schedule!

           As you know a week tomorrow will mark a week since the recording of the Power Rangers Podcast and the editing of those podcasts are now complete and we're ready to do the official release which will be exclusively released on and this is why I am making this official announcement post. It is so exciting to be at this point that we actually getting ready to released and this week I worked so hard on the editing and just cannot wait to release em and for you guys to hear it. Both Larry and I worked hard on these and plans to start the next batch will be underway soon for this fall!  Anyways here is the timetable for the Podcasts release:

Monday, June 10th, 2019: Power Rangers In  Space Podcast, 9 pm EST, EXCLUSIVELY on

Monday, June 17th, 2019: Power Rangers Round Table Podcast, 9 pm EST,  EXCLUSIVELY on

            There is the schedule, it will be on a weekly basis for the next week and we are thrilled to be back into these podcasts as we have been on a hiatus for the past 6 months now and were back into the swing of things and if all goes well, I will probably be working on the 2020 content for you guys as I am trying to get ahead a bit but I am going to be away in July for a week to week and a half but plan on starting to watch Power Rangers Lost Galaxy which will be the next one preceded by Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.... Anyways we are back and I think there will be no more breaks for us as we are planning to go on a tear with em and we are planning to record in both in October and November so there will be 4 coming out over the holidays as well. Anyways enjoy these Power Rangers Podcasts as we enjoyed making these for you and there are highly popular here on the website and we apologize for the long wait for these but my schedule did permit me time to work on these with the other podcast schedule being quite hectic and busy, First one is out THIS Monday @ 9 pm EST EXCLUSIVELY on!


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