Saturday, May 25, 2019

Finding It Tough To Focus On The Collaboration Podcast...

               1 week from now, my world will be flipped upside down as both Larry and I will be back together to record Power Rangers Podcast and yes it is finally coming back and I have been hiding the news for quite some time since March and April when I knew we are getting close to the return. When we return it will be near 6 months since we actually recorded the last 2 episodes which is a long time. Honestly since September I kind of knew that January to now would be a crazy schedule so I knew that I needed the hiatus and yes I now admit we were on a hiatus and with the recent studio changes, we are ready to go for this next collaboration and I kind of now do have the time to work on it and this summer I am sure I will have the time to start working on the next 2 for this fall. Anyways I am now off topic to the topic or title of this blog post. I am very distracted from finishing up the notes as right now I am just so eager to record and I have been busy preparing my other podcast's YouTube channel ready for re-launch as it hasn't been on YouTube for almost 3 years so one way or another I have been extremely busy with that but I only have a week to go and the pressure is indeed on!

              So I am struggling but with 1 hour nap and up most of the night as my sleep is the most messed up, I can see how I am struggling but between today and tomorrow I would like to honestly finish it as I am out of the smaller city here into even a bigger city for the day so I will not even be in the studio all day so I will definitely need to complete this in the next 24 hours at the most so I can finally get it done and over with and ready for next weekend as it will be a big weekend for Larry and I with this podcast so I need to refocus myself and get my head back into the game and work hard cause I want to stay on track so I can finish it. Yes I got other things on the list too for after this but my priority is the collaboration. I need to remain focused and confident that I can get this finished before mid week this upcoming week as I do not want to end up delaying the podcast and at the point of waiting till July to record which I promise you it will not happen. I promise you will be seeing content on Twitter and Instagram a week tomorrow which you guys will know it's truly going down and when we know it will be out we will definitely make the announcement when were ready to release.


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