Sunday, May 26, 2019

Changing A Few Things For Chris B On The Web...

             I can say this with all the drama going on, at this point, I am just done with both YouTube and Twitch and just sick of the drama at this point and I am done with broadcasting and can see why one of my friends doesn't cast anymore... I think I am better off Audio ONLY and Everything About Reality TV Podcast and I think it was suppose to be like this from when I made the move over. Yes I know YouTube is dying, the notifications broken, adpocolypse and the list is on and on. So Everything About Reality TV will be remaining Audio ONLY and yes I realize there is another podcast is on it's on it's way and in pre-production for possibly the fall and I support him on the YouTube venture. My job is to supply the Audio ONLY side of things and promote his podcasts. We all have different aspirations and goals and I support him and we are always on the same page of things. The next thing I would like to address is someone reported my Twitch account when I never messaged anyone but watching a stream briefly then I decided to get off so at this point I am now also done with Twitch. Yes a lot has transpired over the last several days and right now I do not know how to deal with all this.  I think I need to simplify things and I really haven't been making things easy and been in bed late cause watching and moderating streams for people which now isn't happening since I'm banned.

             The final thing I would like to say is team wise, I know Larry is still noted as a former member of staff, yet he's been involved with Power Rangers Podcast but he will stay as it is unless he tells me otherwise he wants the Staff badge back but things are indeed going well between him and I with this collaboration and we do not any plans of stopping those at this point as they seem to be very popular here on which the views have been great and I thank you for tuning in when it goes up 4 times a year and I am happy to say it's coming back as a week today, I am sitting down with Larry and actually recording 2 new episodes for you guys to be released in June when the editing is done. Also I am also thinking about covering Hell's Kitchen but need to talk to a few peeps about it but there is a possibility of it returning so that is what I am thinking about in the back of my head as I am starting to wonder if this is it for Big Brother after this summer but I hope not but I will let you guys know if I do plan on adding on. 


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