Sunday, March 18, 2018

I Messed Up on The Everything Feed On My Website! (Explanation!)

                So last night, I was putting up the Big Brother Canada 6 Recap to notice on that the Survivor Ghost Island wasn't up on the website. Now I thought I actually added the podcast to the website but apparently I didn't, so I ended up just uploading to the,, ITunes and Player FM, so I apologize about that. I noticed it initially when I went to put up the Big Brother Canada 6 Week 2 RECAP and I scrolled down the page to notice the 2nd podcast from the top was the week 1 RECAP so that really made me think, I better fix the issue so that is what I did. I should check the day of when it comes out onto all the platforms to ensure you guys get the content across the board. 

                That is why the podcast was delayed last night till very, very late, 10:35 pm EST to be exact, was because I was still editing and fixing the mistake that I made back on Thursday night and it took a while with the current content that is on that page right now during this season so that is another reason it took a while and the delay posting up the podcast late last night so ensure you guys the problem got fixed and things were right again on the website.

                At this time I can only but apologize profusely for the mistake and hope you understand now why it took this long late last night. Usually I am on time and on the right track with things but last I was on the wrong side of the tracks so to speak but I am sure things are fine now and I don't think you guys noticed anything, as I was hoping you guys would of said something to me about it when you went to the Everything About Reality TV Feed Thursday. However please do let me know in the nearby future if something is off or I forgot to add something, or I made a mistake, I will be sure to make the necessary change to the website.


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