Friday, March 16, 2018

The CBOTW Show Announcement & Plans

                 The CBOTW Show is officially kicking off Today (Friday) at 5 pm EST with a very special podcast covering CMT's TV Show: "Music City" I will be covering 
Episode 104: “AND THE NEW MISS TENNESSEE IS…” Now fair warning I am not very familiar with this series as this was my first episode covering it so this is me going out of my comfort zone and trying something completely new then I am use to. Am I excited? Of course I am excited! But I nervous how the recap will go how it will be received by my fans and the fans of the show as well but excited to find out what the fans think of. 

                     Now in my mind I feel like this is going to be a great start to The CBOTW Show Podcast's official launch as this is NEW to Chris B On The Web and it is exciting time to watch the website once again expand and grow into bigger and better things! Everything About Reality TV will remain the front runner of Chris B On The Web with this podcast on the second podcast on the list. This podcast will rarely be on a schedule minus the coverage of Hell's Kitchen as that will be the only series that is on a schedule for right now at least for right now. Other projects besides CMT's Music City, Hell's Kitchen, you can expect this to be the home of the Power Rangers Talk Mini series within The CBOTW Show Podcast and it will be spread around depending when my co-host and I get a chance to record. 

                        The platforms, I plan on bringing this podcast on, well to start with, my own website, obviously! Also ITunes for right now, not sure if I am wanting to add to TuneIn again but I may just add it back to that platform again in the nearby future but let's see how things go but for right now my website, and ITunes are on the plans and soon as the first episode is up I will be submitting the RSS Feed to ITunes immediately to get it onto the platform for this podcast so this will be the second podcast on ITunes out of the two podcasts. 

                          So in retrospective yes it will have some schedule, but most of the time it will be on a random schedule, depends on the content being covered but always go to front page below the main page images is the calendar for Chris B On The Web to when content goes up on the website or by going to either of my social media, Twitter or Instagram is another way to get updates to when content is going up but I kept this quiet up to the day of it going up.


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