Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Day's I Was Recovering From Major Surgery (Throwback Thursday Story)

             This Throwback Thursday takes me back almost 15 years ago, Late Summer of 2003, where I was sick, really sick, well for most of you who read the story I told on the blog here a while back, you know the entire story of my hospital adventure so to speak and yes I am being a bit sarcastic right now. Anyways I want to talk about my recovery stage after going through 2 surgeries within 2 days apart and a funny story that made me laugh and I'm sure will make you guys laugh as well. 

               I was in the recovery stage of my major surgery as I have a major cut on my stomach from the operations and I started to move around, walk again, training my legs to move as I have been in bed for about 2 weeks now and I don't believe once I had gotten out of bed after those two surgeries, I was bed ridden for at least a while, hard to remember 15 years ago.  But during the recovery stage I got to walk around the hallway floors to get the blood moving back down to my legs as I was at least laid up for about a week. But as I got moving around throughout the time I started to move around and of course the orderly that took me down for tests was joking around with me saying I need speed bumps in the hall way as I was going at a good pace and it was funny and he kept me in high spirits whenever I seen him on the 7th floor there.  I think I truly did need speed bumps, in the hall, I was becoming quite the speed demon as I became stronger in the legs and building up my strength up again. You can imagine me dragging my IV Pole around the hallway of the 7th floor of the hospital but hey at least I was moving around on the floor.

                  I had to tell this little throw back Thursday Story and I hope you all enjoyed reading this little throwback Thursday today and it was truly a funny moment and I know i couldn't laugh without my stomach hurting but again, it really made my day to have a small laugh and made my day and made me smile again and forget all this craziness that happened within a week and a half to 2 weeks being in the hospital.


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