Friday, March 30, 2018

My Bucket List!

                 Today I want to write about my bucket list, what I would like to do, go to, to accomplish in my life. Trust me there is a lot on my list, I will even include the ones that have been accomplished on this list today as well. This year I set out this year to accomplished and I think I did a bang up good job with this list as well. But anyways enough of me rambling here is my list with both already accomplished and things on my list I want to accomplish as well. 

Things I Have Accomplished:

- Go to a Big Brother Canada Premiere- Got To Do that this year!

- Run a Successful Podcast/Podcasts. Got both Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show has not only picked up in late 2017, but people have emailed about the podcast a few times. Also, was the start of the second podcast thanks to CMT Television Network for coming to me about Covering Music City each and every year! This year has been the year of the podcasts for me. 

- The Website has doubled in views it was always just below 1000, like 700 or 800 views a month, then getting about 1000 to 1100 views a month and now its beyond 2000 views a month, so the website has been very active recently. 

- Rebuild Chris B On The Web from the ground up with very little help, with the team being disbanded entirely, I went into a very long and lengthy rebuild and hoping my June 26th, 2018 I will take Chris B On The Web off the re-build and everything is back up and running once again.

Things I Want To Accomplish: 

- Big Brother Canada Live Eviction (April!) Been to the premiere, now I want to see an eviction and what goes down at the Live Eviction!

- Advertising on my podcast. Almost had advertising but going to be working hard to get advertising on them eventually! Another thing on my bucket list.

- Go Back To School for Web design and evolve CBOTW into the main hub for my web designing! I am working on planning on this big goal.

- Move Out On My own. I wanna live in my own apartment and be on my own and show my independence.

- I never really talk about this much but I want to settle down and have a girlfriend, maybe eventually start my own family in the future. 

- Go back to Grand Bend Ontario for Fireworks. I am planning to do that this year with my dad! Cannot wait to go back for the Fireworks for Canada Day!

- Vancouver & Vancouver Island: I wanna see the West Coast  in western Canada. It is a long shot to it ever happening but hey it is on my list.

- Boston and Maine, USA. I wanna see Boston, Fenway Park, the state of Maine as well. It is in the future plans to go down that way on a holiday, my family and I have talked about it.

                  There is my bucket list and I know it is very lengthy post, sorry about that! But I still got a lot on my bucket list what I would like to do, being on my own, etc but I cannot do everything at once but never say never and in the future, I will update the post in a new post once something is updated. 


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