Sunday, April 1, 2018

Real Reason For Slow Content

          There are a lot reasons why I have been slow on bringing out content, the first reason is with me being out of town quite a lot last week but in the last 24 hours, I have been keeping up the pace on catching up in the last 24 hours which is a good thing. I should of planned ahead of time with the RECAPS and being out of town both Tuesday, Friday and tonight (last night if you read this blog in the morning). I should of planned it out better and not this week but the following week I am out of town so I am already planning ahead on a re-schedule for the week. 

             Another reason why I have been slow with bringing out content is I hurt my back and its been bad on and off and right now it the worse of it all and I find it hard to stay seated in my chair for hours on end where I have to move around and get up more and my attention span isn't too great with always being in pain most of the time so that is another reason why and I should of been move up front about it to you guys sooner then usual. But I am starting to feel a tad better in the last 18 - 20 hours now and the pain is getting more and more lower then usual so you can expect content to be back up to speed this week and at full throttle but if I have to take a day off between the podcast recordings, I will. I know you guys understand and are very, very patient with me as I am still adjusting to the current Everything About Reality TV (Big Brother Canada 6 & Survivor Ghost Island) & The CBOTW Show (Music City Recap) schedules as I have said in my Music City Recaps, I am still fairly new to the show and new to this podcast so I am still adjusting and it will take me sometime to get adjusted and that is OK with me. We all adjust to things differently and at different speeds and I happen to be one of those slower type of people to adjust and adapt to the change, but I am getting better and better at change, then I use to when I was first diagnosed with Autism when I was 8 or 9 years of age. 

             Finally on this overnight edition of the blog and I am not sure if many of you will be reading this at almost 215 am as I got nothing better to do since I cannot sleep but blog what I forgot to post up before leaving for Easter and I will talk about it on another post later on today in the midday as it will be a quieter day for content as I am taking today to spend time with the family for this Easter Sunday. However that is not what I am talking about in this post, I wanna thank you guys for the continuation of love and support and showing your patience especially with the past week being extremely busy with being out of town quieter a lot, it has been hard to sit down and record a podcast or write a blog post but I appreciate all your patience on social media and the encouragement you have given me through this quite difficult and rough week for me. You guys have made my job as a content creator, podcaster, blogger a much easier and fun job to do on a regular basis. 😊


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