Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Entertainment Man Podcast Is Growing Again!

                 Entertainment Man Podcast keeps on growing and growing and seems to never stop honestly. Recently back at the start of the weekend, I got an email from PodVine another website that takes podcasts on for a verfication of my podcast which I accepted and now Entertainment Man Podcast is on Podvine all together which is great and I am so happy the growth of this podcast is crazy. The last 6 months has been crazy, so much love for the podcast has been overwhelming. I know I said one year but that has been definitely been thrown out of the window now as this podcast is going very strong. I think the move to YouTube and growing the podcast all over the different website or networks so the growth of this podcast. It's honestly been mind blowing the love and support the podcast and you guys are the best fans in the world, I really mean it. 

              For a podcast that was suppose to last the pandemic and yes we're still got cases here but it was a distraction for me during all of this and I never thought it would become this big. I mean it is a lot bigger then Everything About Reality TV. Yeah, I'm throwing a bit of shade towards the former podcast cause of the way things ended. To be quite honest, I am happier with Entertainment Man Podcast and doing my own thing and having ChrisBOnTheWeb as my own brand and focusing on me. I am happy where I am. The last month has been so overwhelming with the requests for interviews. I thought I'd get a couple of interviews here and there but I've gotten a ton of requests and love to connect with other people in all aspects whether it's author, mental health, podcasters or in any field, I love the connections I have made this year! Anyway that is today's post, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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