Thursday, August 4, 2022

We've Gotta Talk ChrisBOnTheWeb Emails!

                     The last few months has been chaotic especially July as I had family here hence probably one of the reasons I feel not great an I have to get better in order to go to Tobermory. However that isn't the post today it's about the emails that are listed here on the website. As you know I changed up the emails and the direction of things for ChrisBOnTheWeb. Months ago, I totally forgot when this happened but I got spam emails on every email that ChrisBOnTheWeb currently owns. It was ridiculous on the emails saying that ChrisBOnTheWeb isn't making the top search results which I looked at Google and my podcasts and website is up there in the search. But to spam the ChrisBOnTheWeb emails that isn't necessary like we get your emails and sometimes it ends up in spam half the time. Any spam will be just deleted and blocked cause we just do not need the spam on all the emails. All you need to do is email me or my team once. No need to spam all the email addresses. I'm not trying to be mean but spamming like I said will lead to a deleted email and not read whatsoever.

                 I also when emailing myself or my team and I have touched base on it recently when you email us, we want to make sure it is under the right email. It is hard to keep redirecting the emails to the proper and we wanna ensure it gets to the correct email as it is hard sometimes with the amount of emails  to go through them all so please make sure to send it to the correct email and with the emails being down to two for ChrisBOnTheWeb, should make life so much easier not just for me but with you guys as well. That is the reason behind all these changes, I thought it was time for some changes. Anyways that is the blog post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week updates.




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